The Problem

All too often, property owners don’t discover hail damage until it’s too late. Because of this, the life of your roof, and rooftop equipment, is shortened. And you pay the costs.

The Solution

It’s simple. Know when your property is damaged so you can respond in time to avoid excessive costs for repairs or replacements. That’s where we can help. At Hail Alert Technologies, we pioneered a revolutionary service called HailFlash® that provides 24-hour hail event monitoring for all your commercial buildings and properties. This innovative technology delivers highly accurate alerts for potential property loss after damaging hail storms. Using radar data from the National Weather Service, verified by a trained meteorologist, our service:

Identifies hail damage accurately and quickly

Avoids business interruptions by ensuring quick repairs on affected locations only

Ensures that property insurance is used appropriately


HailFlash® is a powerful risk mitigation and cost savings tool critical to your business. What’s more, HailFlash® pays for itself by preserving both your capital funds and your peace of mind. You receive:

Worry-free 24/7 monitoring for all of your commercial properties
Notification of one or more managers in your organization within 24 hours



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