Hail Monitoring with HailFlash®

HailFlash® is the most complete hail monitoring solution available. Thousands of property owners and managers around the U.S. are saving millions of dollars by using our accurate and on-time monitoring technology. This location-specific data arrives in your inbox within 24 hours of any hail event affecting your properties, allowing you to stay on top of costly repairs.

Hail History

Access to a complete history of a property’s hail events allows you to make informed business decisions. Has a property been hit recently? Does it have a history of large hail storms? Could it be susceptible to future events? Our Hail History gives you all the information you need to mitigate risk and reduce costly business interruptions.

Developer API

Our REST API allows you to integrate your systems with our Hail Monitoring and Hail History technology. You’ll gain access to a wealth of information regarding your property and its history of hail events, all on your timeline.

Stop overpaying for hail damage.
Start monitoring your properties today!