At Hail Alert Technologies, we have leveraged the latest advancements in weather technology and pioneered a revolutionary automated service for building owners. HailFlash™ provides 24/7 hail event monitoring at any address in the United States. Once our system detects a potentially damaging hail event at a monitored property, it delivers a highly accurate, building-specific alert to owners and their representatives. This allows commercial property owners to:

 Accurately and quickly identify hail damage losses
 Mitigate additional consequential damages through immediate response
 Ensure that no hail-related property loss is ever overlooked again
 Avoid unnecessary and costly business interruptions

Tom H. Sharpe, Chairman

Tom has over 15 years’ experience in real estate investment management and operations. He is currently Vice President at Compatriot Capital, Inc. the real estate investment subsidiary of Sammons Enterprise, one of the nation’s largest private companies. Prior to earning his MBA, Tom served as a submarine officer in the US Navy.

David Dzina, President

David has held a variety of operational and leadership roles over his 30-year career, most notably serving as the President of PBI Supply prior to its sale to Distribution International in 2015. Following the completion of his employment with DI in early 2018, he resigned in order to lead Hail Alert Technologies.

Catherine Sharpe, Operations Manager

Catherine has held a variety of administrative and creative roles over the course of her career, both on behalf of non-profit organizations and also as a freelance website designer. She handles the day-to-day customer management responsibilities.

Joel Dow, Chief Technology Officer

Joel brings over 17 years of experience in software development, application architecture, API design, UI/UX design, cloud infrastructure, and software product development to lead our efforts to optimize and innovate our product offerings.

Kevin Hassfurther, Co-founder

Up until 2010, Kevin had spent the majority of his career (over 30 years) working in the roofing industry and the insurance claims industry. It was the intersection of those two areas that led him to develop Hail Alert Technologies in 2010 with the assistance of his son, Eric. Kevin now serves as lead advisor for business development.

Eric Hassfurther, Co-founder

As a serial entrepreneur, Eric was instrumental in transforming Hail Alert Technologies from an idea into a robust product critical to the risk management efforts of property owners and risk managers across the country. Eric oversees day-to-day operations as well as underlying system support.

Support & Contact

Are you a current client with properties monitored by Hail Alert Technologies or are you using our Hail History tools? If you have a question or need to monitor additional properties, please fill in your information below and a Hail Alert Technologies representative will be in touch soon.