The price for a hail monitoring service

Pricing of the HailFlash® Event Reporter service is quoted on a per location per year basis. A “location” is typically defined as a single building, but in certain scenarios where there are many buildings in one single location (i.e. apartment complexes), the buildings can be combined into a one monitored location, and therefore priced the same as a single building.

HailFlash® is much more than just a convenient service; it is a powerful risk mitigation and cost savings tool that is critical in the operation of all commercial properties. Through the savings of capital funds and the reduction of roof maintenance expenses, HailFlash® more than pays for itself.

For the majority of our customers, the avoidance of just one overlooked insured loss pays for the service on their entire portfolio of buildings for 5+ years. Request a quote online, or call us today at (877) 775-4245

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