Hail Damage Inspection Training

When hail strikes your building, it is critical that an accurate assessment of the damage is made quickly. Immediate identification of damages allows temporary repairs to be performed quickly, mitigating additional damage and loss, and avoiding costly business interruptions. This inspection is best performed by a professional familiar with the subtle signs of hail damage to your roof and other building systems. But experienced professionals aren’t always available on such short notice.

Although property managers and maintenance personnel are often immediately available, they generally lack the level of understanding required to effectively perform this task. As a result they are likely to overlook the subtle signs of damaged and misdiagnose damaged building components as being fine. This is why our hail inspection training is invaluable.

The HailAlerts™ inspection training module is designed as a guide to detecting those subtle signs of hail damage that may point towards a much larger property loss. The inspection training provides detailed instructions of what building components to examine once on site, along with sample photos depicting what hail damage to these components actually looks like. The training instructs your manager to take similar photographs of these specific building components that more easily show evidence of hail damage if present. A printable checklist is also included so that no item is overlooked.

Once complete, the manager will be in a better position to determine the appropriate response. Their photos and completed checklist can also be forwarded to your trusted roofing and building professionals for their subsequent review and recommendation.

Best of all, this web-based training is free to all clients of Hail Alert Technologies.
A link to the training module is always included in the emailed Hail Event Reports so that both can be easily forwarded to your manager responsible for further investigation and reporting.

HailAlerts™ has you covered. Call today to get started.

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