Hail Storms: Common CRE Beliefs vs. Truth

Belief:  “We have on-site property managers that will inform us when hail hits our properties.”

TRUTH:  Local PMs fail to inspect 87% of properties hit by large hail, mainly because 2/3 of hail storms occur outside of normal business hours.

Belief:  “If there is a hail storm, I’ll hear about it on the news and we can send crews out to inspect then.”

TRUTH:  Most hail swaths are no more than a few miles in width, meaning that hail doesn’t blanket a metropolitan area like a thunderstorm might.  Prioritizing which properties to inspect in an area could lead to a lot of guesswork and a lot of man hours lost on properties that weren’t impacted.

Belief:  “We don’t have the funds to put toward hail monitoring.”

TRUTH:  For the majority of our customers, the avoidance of just one overlooked insured loss pays for the service on their entire portfolio of buildings for 5+ years.  Contact us today to have the peace of mind that your properties are covered 24/7.


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