2020 EOY Summary

Every year we analyze our systems stats to help our valued customers (and prospective customers) become more educated on the advantages of using our products to monitor their properties. Check out how 2020 stacked up…

Total Hail Events in 2020

With new hail events occurring almost daily, your assets could be impacted by hail at a moment’s notice. This past year, HailAlerts tracked more 17K hail events that impacted monitored properties.



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Top Five Hail Days of 2020

Here are HailAlerts most active hail days in 2020.

  • April 28th – 2,091 hail events
  • April 19th – 2,006 hail events
  • May 27th – 1,493 hail events
  • August 16th – 1,137 hail events
  • July 11th – 956 hail events

More than half of the losses from hail damage go undiscovered and unreported. That means commercial property owners get hit with losses, leaks, and expensive repairs. Don’t let this happen to you.


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