Hail History Reports: Now at Your Fingertips!

Customers of HailFlash® monitoring services understand the value it brings to their portfolio. When an impact occurs, they can act quickly to have their property serviced and evaluated for any potential repairs. But what about hail events that happened in the past? Now, with the click of a button, they can uncover over a decade of hail impacts at any property address in the United States!

Hail Alert Technologies’ historical reporting feature enables customers to make educated decisions when evaluating a property, whether it be commercial or residential. Looking to buy a new home? Find out how it has been affected by hail in the past. Assessing whether to sell an asset in a portfolio? Knowing the condition of the roof is a huge advantage.

It is as easy as creating a profile, entering the address of the property they would like to research, and purchasing a few credits. Users can keep their credits in the “bank” to be used over time, and they can run the reports, whether it be an individual report or multiple at a time, at their convenience. The report can then easily be downloaded in .pdf, excel and .csv files, and will include:

  • Hail size
  • Earliest date of reported hail
  • Most recent hail event recorded
  • Total number of hail events
  • Hail sizes recorded at both three and ten miles from location
  • Hail swath maps

The team at Hail Alert Technologies knows its customers do not have much excess time. Utilize Historical Hail Reports today to streamline your decision-making!