Looking Back and Looking Ahead

Every great company was born out of a great idea, and Hail Alert Technologies is no different. Co-founder Kevin Hassfurther spent 30 years in commercial roofing when the idea for HailAlerts® came to him. While visiting with a property manager about hail damage to a building, the manager said he had no idea when the building was last impacted. When further asked about the financial strain the repairs could put on the company, the customer simply replied, “it’s ok…it’s in the budget.” Even though there were thousands (if not millions) of dollars set aside for a new roof if the need arose, there was nothing being proactively done by the building owner to protect its asset.

Kevin began to delve into this phenomenon further and was surprised to find this was common among companies. So, he, along with his son and co-founder Eric Hassfurther, began to brainstorm what real-time, hail monitoring could look like for commercial property owners and managers. They decided to work with a top team of meteorologists who had researched and developed an algorithm for interpreting Doppler radar data that was more specific and accurate than any other that existed for the purpose of tracking hail events. After a few test runs, Kevin and Eric believed this was the key to helping property managers.

This algorithm for interpreting Doppler radar data is what sets HailAlerts® apart – an algorithm that is the best and most accurate since it can pinpoint storm damage by site, not county-by-county. Furthermore, HailAlerts® is the only company to use this patented algorithm for the specific purpose of proactive monitoring for commercial building owners and managers. These two features combined are what make HailAlerts® not only reliable, but in a league of its own in the industry. After piloting the idea in 2011, Kevin and Eric achieved some early success with a variety of clientele. What started as a handful of users has grown over the past decade into a nationwide customer base of satisfied property owners and managers. HailAlerts® is looking forward to the years ahead and is excited about the impact they will have on both current and future customers!