Why Didn’t I Receive a Report?

One of the most frequently asked questions we get after a hail storm in a metropolitan area is “Why didn’t I receive a report on my properties?”  It’s a great question, especially when you have multiple properties across the city or the region and you heard on the news that a hail storm covered the area. 

Most hail swaths are narrow, maybe only a few miles (or less) across.  So, even with widespread hail storms, some areas may be hit, while others are unaffected in the same area.

We pull the most up-to-date weather information from the National Weather Service Dopler Radars across the country, run it through our highly accurate algorithm based on our clients’ property addresses.  If your property is hit with 1” or larger hail, our system creates and sends your HailFlash report directly to your email inbox.  If you don’t receive a report, it may be that the hail wasn’t large enough (less than 1”) or it may be that your property was right on the outskirts of the storm. ** (maybe insert image of map with properties plotted in the “light yellow” hail swath)**

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