Why Didn’t I Receive a Report?

One of the most frequently asked questions we get after a hail storm in a metropolitan area is “Why didn’t I receive a report on my properties?”  It’s a great question, especially when you have multiple properties across the city or the region and you heard on the news that a hail storm covered the


Our Top 5 CRE Blogs That You Need to be Following

(1)  Jon Schultz (jonschultz.com) – Jon sums it up: “The world of CRE tech through my eyes.”  Jon gives great insight on the latest tech innovations for commercial real estate with short videos and blog posts with up-to-date trends in tech for CRE.  (2)  WSJ Developments – News and analysis for global and US CRE


Hail Storms: Common CRE Beliefs vs. Truth

Belief:  “We have on-site property managers that will inform us when hail hits our properties.” TRUTH:  Local PMs fail to inspect 87% of properties hit by large hail, mainly because 2/3 of hail storms occur outside of normal business hours. Belief:  “If there is a hail storm, I’ll hear about it on the news and


Why you Need HailFlash Monitoring :A Case Study

Map of CharlotteRed shows .75″ to 1.75″ hail.Purple shows 2″ and larger hail   A large nationwide real estate investment trust (REIT) operates a portfolio of 45 commercial buildings in the Charlotte, NC area. To manage these buildings the REIT employs 8 people in their local property management office. This office is centrally located in