Looking Back and Looking Ahead

Every great company was born out of a great idea, and Hail Alert Technologies is no different. Co-founder Kevin Hassfurther spent 30 years in commercial roofing when the idea for HailAlerts® came to him. While visiting with a property manager about hail damage to a building, the manager said he had no idea when the


The New HailFlash®

The HailFlash® report was designed to notify you when significant hail events occur on your property within 24-hours. We know you value this report because it saves you countless hours and, potentially, thousands of dollars down the line. Our storm data is the most accurate in the industry. We have upgraded our mapping system to


2019 EOY Summary

Each year we compile our system stats to help customers (and future customers) become more educated on the advantages of using our products to monitor their properties. Check out these interesting stats…   Total Hail Events in 2019 With new hail events happening each day, your property could be impacted by severe hail at any


Due Diligence + Hail History Reports

Did you know that we offer Hail History Reports for any address?  Just enter your address and payment method and VIOLA!  You’ll receive a full report dating back to 2009. The report even includes the size of the largest hail stone and the date of the storm!   Get Your Property Hail History Report Today!


Why Didn’t I Receive a Report?

One of the most frequently asked questions we get after a hail storm in a metropolitan area is “Why didn’t I receive a report on my properties?”  It’s a great question, especially when you have multiple properties across the city or the region and you heard on the news that a hail storm covered the